Monday, March 31, 2008

First Turn

My Kelly turned this morning from her back to her stomach for the first time!! I am not sure everyone can understand how excited I am about this except other people that have CP kids. Kelly is Spastic, Quad CP with high tone in her legs and arms and low tone in her trunk and head. She was born with her twin Sabrina (no problems) at 29 weeks and 5 days on November 10, 2006. So that would make her adjusted age around 14 months. Anywho, her twin started walking last weekend. I felt guilty because I was happy for Sabrina but at the same time sad for Kelly.
Kelly has made great progress. She can hold her head up for most of the day. She does not like being on her tummy so she has been able to flip to her back for a few months. It is not a very fluid motion at all because her legs are so stiff she basically flops over.
The ability to turn from her back to her stomach takes much more muscle control and is much more difficult. There was a big chance she might never learn to do it. But she did it, she did it!! She only did it once but it was a definite turn to her stomach to reach something, me. Her older sister, Katja age 2, was so excited that she spent the next few minutes flipping Kelly over and over and saying "Turn Kelly".
I called her proud Papa at work to tell him and Grandpa Taylor in Texas. I am going to call the therapists this evening. I plan to spend time with her this afternoon working on the skill further.
Yeah for Kelly.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, I have decided to take the Blogging plung. Since this last pregnancy has made me a part-time bed rest prisoner, I have had more than enough computer time to read other blogs and discover how valuable they can be. I decided that this might be a good thing to do for many reasons which include keeping up with family and friends in America and reaching out to others who are dealing with a child who has cerebral palsy.
Those of you that know me personally, know that I lost my mom a few days after daughter number two, Katja, was born in 2005. It was a real shock to us and really difficult for me to deal with. I think I have missed her even more profoundly since I gave birth 10 weeks prematurely to my twin daughters, Kelly and Sabrina in 2006. My mom had suffered a few serious health problems in her last few years but she always kept a positive and cheery outlook. She had a saying, "You gotta play the hand you were dealt." I have been thinking about her and about the cards I have been dealt a bunch over the last year with the twins. Kelly was finally given the lable of CP in December. That was one heck of a card to be dealt. I am learning how to play this game of poker every day. Kelly is much like my mom was. She is always positive, good natured and a happy baby. My mom would have been so proud. I am glad I have the opportunity to share her and my other lovely daughters with you on this blog.