Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rollin, rollin, rollin

Well, I was kind of bummed about Kelly and her turning progress. She turned once on March 31st and then did not do it again. I began to think that maybe it was just an accident. The last few days though Kelly has been a rolling girl. Now she is not heading across the floor yet but she rolled Thursday for both therapists, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, and yesterday she rolled three times in a row for her Oma. I did not see the Oma event but I wish I had. Three times in a row...that is almost like actual motion and movement. Go Kelly!! So, maybe we have some hope that Kelly will move ahead. Someone said that if they begin to roll, there is a big chance that they will crawl. We will all be so excited here if Kelly crawls.
Other things that are rolling around in our house include me. I am still as big as a condo and rollin around or waddlin around waiting for baby girl number 5. Tomorrow is Samantha's big confirmation day and party. That is a special thing here in Germany for both Protestants and Catholics. There is a formal church service and then the family throws a party for guests afterwards. Did I mention I am still pregnant?? I am doing this 9 months pregnant!! Oh well, I have nice friends here and they will help me out. On a side note, I wonder what people will think about and how they will react to Kelly. It is strange but some people do not know what to say or do or how to act around her. They pay a bunch of attention to Sabrina and Katja but are very careful around Kelly. I think they are worried they will hurt her or offend us. Anyway, I hope they will learn that she is just a happy baby and loves to have attention just like her sisters. She is not fragile, just a bit stiff in her muscle tone but loves to be picked up and talked to. I am also going to have to get used to people and understanding that it is okay for them to be uncomfortable.
Wish us luck tomorrow!!